Professional cocktail Service

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Being involved in the Cocktail industry for 12 years as a cocktail bartender, bar manager, event planner and head of operations in prestigious venues and night clubs around London and French Caribbean's the founder of Fresh Mint Entertainment David Beiger had the clear vision to merge David's experience into a event company with emphasis on cocktails. 

At Fresh Mint Entertainment our goal is to amaze, engage and deliver the greatest value to our customers. Our services include cocktail making, barman hire, mobile coffee service, molecular mixology and pop up bar setup that get the most attention and become a talking point.

We are all about developing inspiring concepts and delivering fresh experiences to our customers. With our cocktail event services, we don’t simply make grandiose and classic cocktails; we serve them in a professional and respectable manner. With our mixology experiences your guests don't simply enjoy the drink but they enjoy the experience! Our expert staff can are ready to serve you in any private and corporate setting. 

We look forward to working with you and creating a absolutely memorable events regardless the occasion and the budget.


Our Fresh Mint Team