Mixology Services

Fresh Mint Entertainment is a mixology company based in London that offers wide variety of event related services with an emphasis on cocktail bartender hire, mobile bartender service, molecular cocktail mixology and pop up bar setup. We seek to enlarge the boundaries in the world of mixology and the events industry with continually creating new and unusual ideas to make any event special, whether it be a east London cocktail masterclass or a totally specific mobile bar hire for 100%. The preparation of cocktails, molecular drinks and luxury beverages is a process that depends upon expertise and deep knowledge of the cocktail bartender different aspects of the mixology industry. Our perfect mobile bartenders are best suited in this sense. They can make huge variety of drinks, fast and precise with class and style. 

private Bartender hire

Fresh Mint staff has years of experience in making drinks in many of the world’s top cocktail bars. We can make classic and unique cocktails with the best selection of spirits prepared with special approach and attention to every detail. We enjoy what we are doing and we are devoted to perfection in our job. So get your self a private bartender delivered strait to your house door, we can also provide glassware, all the ingredients and Mobile bars.                                                                                                                  


We enjoy what we are doing and we are devoted to perfection in our job. With our mobile bartender's, molecular drinks experience or on the go coffee service you be able to throw an bespoke event or party. Let our cocktail bartenders create amazing drinks during your event and impress your invitees. Do what you love and love what you do!

We will demonstrate several astonishing molecular mixology techniques that will amaze your guests and surprise their palates. By using various chemistry tools and molecular cocktail drink recipes we are good at altering textures and strengthening the flavours of our molecular cocktails drinks. Molecular Mixology makes your event much more of an experience. We can also create bespoke coloured molecular cocktails for the theme of your event or company.                                                                        


We are all about developing inspiring concepts and delivering fresh experiences to our customers. With our cocktail event services, we don’t simply make grandiose and classic cocktails; we serve them in a professional and respectable manner.


With our Cocktail Masterclass or course there is something for every one to learn, these courses are very interactive and fun, perfect for an office party or private event as its mainly groups. The cocktail master class takes around 2 hours and can be conducted for any amount of guests.



OUR London Mobile Cocktail bartender TEAM


Recently curated the cocktails for the 100years Vogue anniversary in Central London. Our team of cocktail bartender's and waiters worked at for the "Burns Baby Burns" Scottish event in Hackney Central where we setup a specialised whiskey bar for this 3 day event. Followed by a private birthday party on the countryside with imported sand to make it appear like a beach and fuelled with our Special cocktail selection. Our work ranges a from private, birthday to hen party's, workshops and masterclasses.